Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Bishop Speaks

“A country can have growth without development and that is exactly what is happening in the Philippines,” said Bishop Antonio Tobias.

Tobias noted that much of the so-called development was due to “more beer, cigarettes, casinos, lotto, ‘jueteng,’ drugs, smuggling, golf clubs, high-rise condos, real estate, tourist resorts, memorial parks and columbaria, logging and extracting more minerals -- depleting our natural resources at a rate faster than nature can regenerate.”

What I can't understand is everyone seems to have a clear idea of the many problems that plague the Philippines and you will never find yourself at a loss for solutions because so many are floating around but the entire population appears to be in a trance, mumbling that no alternative to the current dispensation exists anyway and let's all just keep the status quo....

A ceasefire was declared by Israel only when children got killed in Lebanon. We have become so accustomed to children dying in the Philippines that we continue to go about our own, separate and merry ways.

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