Monday, July 31, 2006

History Lessons

We have become a cowed people. Everybody seems to be afraid to challenge the present set-up because of a deep insecurity to anything new. I don't really blame them. We have been lured into so many promising traps before and we have become afraid. The people who are taking advantage of us know this very well. They play upon our insecurities. They want to keep things the way they are. But for all their vaunted experience and education, where do we find ourselves in?

We need to study history. Only through studying the past will we avoid making the same mistakes again and again. To rebuild our country will require many sacrifices from all of us. But this will be one great opportunity to make our so-called overpopulation of 85 million work for us in a grand way if we rebuild our country together and we start sharing common goals to help the neediest and the weakest. We are far from hopeless. No use asking why all our other Asian neighbors appear to have left us behind because 85 million united pairs of hands will make short shrift of the daunting problems that lie ahead.

Whenever that moment comes is when we will finally become a nation.

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