Sunday, August 6, 2006

Arrogance of Power

When Representative Rolex Suplico was in the Ginza district of Tokyo recently, he purchased two Rolex watches at a 30 percent discount for his daughter and his son; the discounted cost of the two watches was $6000. “For the price of one, it was as if I was buying two,” Suplico happily told Congress reporters.

His happiness was short-lived because his credit card was declined on the suspicion that it was stolen. Congressman Suplico was indignant and had to ask a fellow congressman to spot him the amount.

“I was humiliated being told I was a criminal using a stolen card,” he said not realizing or pretending not to know that this happens frequently in order to protect consumers. Back in his hometown he grew even more livid when he found out that the matter was not being considered a big deal. “A bank vice president or higher officer should have talked to me,” he said. Reminds me of how a Philippine Senator urged our Department of Foreign Affairs to file a diplomatic protest to the US because he was made to take his shoes off at the airport.

When did these "public servants" start behaving as though they were way above the throng? I guess it must become policy to ask these "servants" to step down whenever they begin acting in this manner because it is a clear reflection of how far these officials have strayed from their stated missions.

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