Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Driver's License

Finally recovered my full-fledged license to drive a motor vehicle in the Philippines. First I was told that my license had expired in 1991 and that there was a 10 year limit. They accepted my Oklahoma license however as long as I paid a "conversion fee". I was then handed a slip of paper that outlined where I needed to go next. Urine drug testing established I wasn't smoking pot or using crank. For a fee, I was awarded a medical certificate signed by a doctor who affirmed having examined my vision and hearing even if I never saw a doctor. There was a convenient 5 minute photo shop that provided me with 6 photos even if I needed only one little picture.

Obviously, all these stops were all part of the game. Remember an earlier post that strongly advocated reducing government as a means of reducing corruption?

Back to the licensing den, I had to wait for 2 hours before I was summoned to the chief's tiny office. On the table lay my brand new license. I was ready to do anything at that point so I was easy prey when I was asked to buy "raffle tickets".

Don't these lowly bureaucrats know that this institutionalized corruption hurts them the most? This is the system that will ensure that they and their families will never escape this cycle that will forever keep them down.

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