Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Foreigners

All this gloomy talk about the Philippines losing an entire generation of physicians, nurses, teachers and all the other motivated citizens who needed to leave their native land in order to give their families a better life would be rendered moot if we could only make our country a better place for a fraction of these emigrants to return.

Just think of what even one percent of the10 million Filipinos abroad could contribute if they chose to come back. Remember, these are people who have experienced the loneliness, uncertainty and fear that only living alone in a strange place will bring. This is one life-changing experience that does wonders in strengthening character. It stimulates industry and imagination. It forces one to appreciate what is routinely taken for granted and it makes us see clearer what can be improved on the societies we left behind. Nothing better to fire-up motivation than being a foreigner all alone.

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