Sunday, October 22, 2006


These days, all I can do is wait for the Supreme Court to decide on whether the Constitution needs to be changed or not. In the five months that I have been home, I have tried to discern how best I can serve my country, how best I can give back. As usual, politics is rendering this desire to help difficult because if the May 2007 elections are postponed then I will have to rethink everything once again. Meanwhile, all my immediate plans are on hold.

Not being affiliated with any of the established traditional political parties makes this such a long shot already and all this uncertainty only exacerbates the situation for non-traditional newcomers even further.

I never imagined that this struggle was going to be an easy one. There is so much at stake for all the innumerable politicians and their relatives who depend on politics for their livelihoods. They will not cede anything without a fight.

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