Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 2

Today our slate was completed. Mario Ongkiko at age 76 decided to join the ticket. He agreed with Ang Kapatiran founder Nandy Pacheco that since the problems our country face today where cooked during their time, it was only right for the elderly to take an active role in helping solve the mess. Tomorrow is the first day of the campaign.

So it's O Para Sa Bayan! (Ongkiko-Paredes-Sison-Bautista). This early, some people are already branding us "unwinnable" but this is precisely the attitude we seek to reform because only the people ultimately decide who the "unwinnable" candidates are. These many cynical political operators and pundits don't have any power. The people do. It is not that I have so much confidence that I am rolling up my pants and entering this mud pool. It is because I have confidence in the Filipino people that they will finally awaken and cast their enlightened votes. We have underestimated them for too long.

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