Monday, February 19, 2007

Radio Interview

Adrian and I were interviewed by Mike Enriquez, a very popular radio personality this morning. Before reporting to the studio, I read a newspaper article quoting another senatorial candidate who estimated that it would take $4 million just to "play" in this election. This amount was coming from a candidate who was already being aggressively supported by the administration. I don't think it will require a lot of deep thinking to determine how these politicians plan to recoup their "investments". Everywhere I go, I get asked if I know what kind of a morass I am getting into. I always reply that as long as we ordinary Filipinos do not work together and change the system ourselves, we should not expect these "pros" to disturb what to them is an exceedingly beneficial set-up.

During a moment of levity, Mike asked when I was scheduled to see a psychiatrist. Not an entirely humorous question because any which way you look at it you will ask why a successful gastroenterologist in the US who has never been sued in a medical malpractice case (the interviewer asked if I was running from something) with his pulmonologist wife will bring their 4 US-born daughters back to a 3rd world nation where hunger, corruption and mayhem continue on a daily basis. Right now I am still searching for more answers: That if we don't actively resist then we have no business to complain and whine; that to those whom much is given much is expected in return; that I am personally responsible for my countrymen; that I have prepared myself painstakingly and will do a better job; that my motives are clean and hence I will not fail.

I may just show up for the 2 pm appointment.

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