Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Old School Party

One of the four horsemen, Mario Ongkiko the most senior member of the team withdrew today due to health reasons. Despite our assurances that he could leave the rigors of the campaign to us, he told us that it wouldn't be honorable to mislead the voters. He even refused to hold his withdrawal until a substitute could be found, never mind that this was a perfectly legal move.

Ang Kapatiran at first glance will leave most everyone the initial impression that it is a group of stubborn and narrow-minded, ultra conservative, "old school" senior citizens with a reactionary agenda. It is strongly Pro-God, anti-violence and anti-dishonesty. Describing the current leaders of the Party as "uncompromising" will be putting it in mild terms. I confess that I (one of the very few liberal Democrats in Oklahoma) have had some concerns about a number of positions that the Party has espoused but I accept the validity of the saying "the devil is wise because he is old". These are people with far greater experience who have in a sense seen it all. So whenever we discuss the platform I always bear in mind that I must always respect the seniority that they possess. This respect never fails to cast a calming effect on my youthful exuberance. So while I put on record that I agree without any reservations with all the core principles of the Party, I have some slight differences with a few "non-deal-breaker" issues.

I think that it is better to aspire for a perfect world rather than remain content in patching up our imperfect house.

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