Friday, March 2, 2007


This must be my first Tagalog title ever but since I speak Tagalog almost exclusively while campaigning, expect a gradual increase in phrases and sentences in the vernacular.

I was interviewed on television today together with my running mate Jess Paredes and English Professor Danton Remoto who is also in the Senate race. Unfortunately, Danton is running as an independent because he can't seem to get his Ladlad ("to bare") party "accredited". This may be due to the fact that the party is composed of openly gay persons. We continue to have an intolerable number of bigots in the country. This is a major societal change that we must work hard to achieve.

Jess and I strongly tried to convince Danton to join our party. We think that Danton is a good, well-educated and virtuous man who will only enrich Ang Kapatiran. I hope that he will decide to join us.

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