Saturday, March 3, 2007


TV is a hard and unforgiving master. There is very little time and you need to come up with clear, brief and substantive answers. Behind every reply is the reality that you will always be held accountable for your words. I need to become good at this. Unlike the other candidates, some of whom spent their careers in media, the interview yesterday was only the third in my life. Due to the death of VHS and because we don't have a DVD recorder, I only got to see myself from a replay. I know that other people hire coaches for this sort of thing.

In a political campaign though, television has become indispensable and there is no escaping from it. Lacking the material means to compete head to head with my infinitely better funded opponents, Jess, Adrian and I have had to scramble for these ever so ephemeral but free television appearances. I am going get good at this.

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