Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Brain Gain

I am an example of what brain gain is all about. Learn, earn, return. I chose to return on my own terms when I felt I was sufficiently prepared to contribute to my country. That I chose to return after training and working hard to establish a successful practice when I could have simply taken it easy and begin enjoying all the fruits of my labor should be proof enough of the seriousness of my intentions.

To those detractors who view my exile in the US as a selfish period in my life, consider those thousands of nights that I was on call, drawing blood from patients with full-blown AIDS, inserting gastroscopes on patients with bleeding ulcers, intubating unconscious patients, removing foreign bodies from stomachs and other orifices. Consider the many racial slights I received, the verbal abuse I had to tolerate. To those who have never left our country, I want you to understand that the billions in remittances we receive from the millions of Filipinos in other countries is blood money. Since sweat and tears are condensates of blood, remember always that while you sit and whine that there are those of us who simply could not accept the reality that we could not maximize our potential here in our country and we were prepared to pay that price with our own blood.

Next time you appreciate that what is paying off all those debt payments come from overseas workers, make sure you have at least a plan or an idea on how to let our country continue to exist when these remittances dry up because it is only a matter of time. We are foolishly not investing on education and health care and nutrition and we have already begun to witness the emergence of a less-competitive generation. One day soon, our services will no longer be necessary.

I will admit that my first reaction to those who tell me to go back to the US is a mean one. But that would only mean that I actually care about your opinion couched in anonymous cowardice.

Itong pagpupunyaging ito ay mahaba at mahirap. Inumpisahan ko na at hindi ako hihinto hanggang mabawi natin ang ating Bayan. Kung sa Estados Unidos hindi nila ako mapa-alis (at mayroong mga nagsabi sa akin nito), dito pa sa aking Bayan.

I must leave for the Prayer rally at the Quezon Circle. Hope to see many of you out there. We leave for Davao and Cebu tomorrow. I am now campaigning 20 hours each day!


Biby Cletus said...

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

carrie said...

Mabuhay ka Dr Martin! Sana marami ka pang katulad :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you are doing. Don't mind the negative comments. No matter where you go, what you do, there will be cynics. What is amazing is you are already doing something, and yet some still question you. It is easy to type words on the internet, actually doing something to make a difference is what counts. These cynics would rather stay the course to destruction, than help somebody who volunteers to steer the ship, because of envy, distrust, or plain thinking too much and confusing themselves! Lumulubog na ang barko, iniisip pa kung tutulong ito ayusin dahil hindi kilala ang nangunguna.

Anonymous said...

You are the one sincere candidate who is willing to give up your comforts for the future of our country. My ballot in 13 days will have only one name on it - Martin D Bautista. Mabuhay ka!

delia said...

Doc... I hope you are in the Philippines each week of each month of each year 2008, 2009, 2010 because sigurado na mas maraming boboto sa iyo kung ikakayod ng husto.

Anonymous said...

While I think you are fighting for a just cause, I think this is not time for you to win this one. Polls are merely polls and maybe the results of even the polls are rigged. But just like the polls stating you are out of the "magic 12", I don't see you winning any of the 12 spots. Your story appeals to people like me. People who have access to internet, who read the papers, listen to news and who are by and large educated. However, 70 to 80% of the votes will be cast by people out in the provinces who have no access to the internet, who are largely uneducated and who still up to now live by a hand-to-mouth existence. For those people, life has not changed over the past 30 years despite going through martial law, the EDSA revolution, a second EDSA revolution, and a sitting president being imprisoned. People like them are more moved by Manny Pacquiao winning his boxing match than who sits in the senate. Because let's face it, when Manny won, they felt a sense of pride and they can identify with a rags to riches story. Regardless of who sits in the senate however, their lives are no different. So they are touched more by Manny than any politician. So... who would they vote for? Only the ones who will have some tangible effect in their lives, even if it is the short term. The ones who can pay these people to vote for them. And you know what? They are right. Because as well intentioned as you are, I honestly do not believe the life of a farmer out in the province would be any different with you in the senate. So I actually cannot blame them.

I will vote for you Dr. Bautista. But I will tell you now, even if all the people like me voted for you, you will not win. A sad state of affairs, yes. But it is the truth. :-(

Andrea said...

Go Doc Martin! Praise God for people like you who are willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of the country. If only more people will go out and educate others to vote wisely, I'm sure within our lifetime, we will see this nation transformed. God bless you more!

pinoy said...

My vote goes to .....


I will not be voting for any other senatorial candidates. Not Sonia Roco. Not Kiko Pangilinan. Not Joker Arroyo. Only the Ang Kapatiran candidates.

There are three posts in this blog labeled ANG KAPATIRAN. What I have written about this party has not been so supportive of their cause. I have criticized the group for joining this election unprepared. They are virtually unknowns with no chance of winning. Nada. Zero. That everything will just be a waste of time, energy and resources. But that doesn't mean I won't be voring for them.

In fact, only their names will be written on my ballot. I won't be voting for any one in the local positions. There is an Alvin Sandoval campaigning for the congressional position. Chances are this is a brother of the other Sandoval who has completed his three terms and is now running for mayor in Navotas. I heard the incumbent mayor, Oreta, is running unopposed. Just the same, the space for mayor, vice mayor and councilors will just be crossed out. I have no idea who the candidates are for these positions. For party list, I will also cross out this space. For the last two elections, I voted for BAYAN MUNA. I won't be voting for them this time. Why? My discussion with Teddy Casino on the Batasan 6 blog was cordial. He is sensible and I was humbled for him taking the time to respond to my posts. But still, my challenge to BAYAN MUNA to renounce and denounce armed struggle and for them not to avail of the port barrel will not be heeded. For that, they don't get my vote this time. So there will only be three names that will be written on my ballot.

I really don't know who Martin Bautista, Paredes and Sison are. Dr. Bautista is a doctor in the US who decided to come back and make a difference. Paredes is the VFA director. Sison is a total unknown to me. I hardly know anything about them. So eesentially, I am not voting for the person but for the party. I am voting for the party because I believe that the people behind this group mean well. I know personally some of its members. That there is no personal agenda involved. That it is all about the national interest that they are after. I may not agree with their strategy but their conviction is still worthy of the support.

CJ said...

All of you Friendster users out there, let's post in the Friendster bulletins:

Vote for Dr. Martin Bautista for senator!

We only have a few days to do so.

Tulungan natin siya.

Bert M. Drona said...


On most issues, I agree with you and you stated them well.

However,to me the armed struggle is justified as a defense against official/state violence via military and paramilitary forces.

And at the end of the day, I am convinced nothing good in the long-term will happen for most native Filipinos in the homeland unless radical and fundamental changes occur --which in turn will not materialize until a significant number of fellow natives understand the root causes of our misery and poverty.

It's a tough, dangerous and lethal challenge to make them politically aware and gain national/social consciousness given their daily struggles for decent existence, the internal and external influences and violent forces that work against such mass politicalization.


Lalon said...

i'll definitely vote for you as well as Paredes and Sison.. good luck! (^^,)