Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cebu Post

I am writing this from an internet cafe in Mandaue City. Let it serve as part of the record of the final days of the 2007 elections. We have been campaigning very hard these past few days and we have met so many strangers who have expressed their support. Whatever happens, Kapatiran will have a greatly-expanded network of like-minded citizens who will need to get organized and pursue our platform with renewed strength.

I don't know what it is with the last 2 minutes but it surely stimulates adrenaline release. The faithful are acting with unbelievable fervor. What keeps me going is the idea that I cannot let all these good people down. I will work even harder. Keep the prayers coming.


Delia said...

Vote for Doc!!

The voters need to make sure that the trapos ( plus putschists Trillanes and Gringo) do not get elected.

And no matter what happens for Ang Katiran for this round of elections, Doc Bautista and Ang Kapatiran will have a larger network of supporters for the 2010 elections.

Good luck! Elections will be in a few days. Good luck!

Philip said...

Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who do not vote. Kaya vote for Ang Kapatiran!!!! to make sure that good people are elected!

Bert M. Drona said...


Just a few minutes ago,I watched a 2004 PBS Special about Asian-Americans and saw you and your friend featured.

I noted you talked of going back and being a blogger I goggled "filipino doctors in Guymon" and found your blog. Thus, here I am reading your blog and finding you back in our homeland.

Maybe it is Filipino sentimentality but I am glad to see you back there(a rarity); I have a kumpadre and kumare (dentist/doctor) who after 13 years went back from and returned to US after 2 years, disappointed and disillusioned.

I also noticed that you are one of the independent candidates for Senator. I wish you the best in the coming election though frankly, I am not optimistic about your group's chances given our homeland realities.

I believe our homeland desperately needs people like you but the rulers, as in the past and the immediate future, will not allow you and other likeminded ones to replace them cleanly and/or peacefully.

Take care and best wishes to you and your family wherever you will finally be. I hope you and Jeffrey reinvigorate your friendship.


Anonymous said...

Bert, in order to successfully readjust to the Philippine scene after experiencing the right and polite way of living overseas one has to lower down his/her expectations and standards in the following areas: sanitation,peace and order, accountability, customer service/support,public infrastructures. A case in point would be almost nothing is done over the phone there, one has to go physically to the office where a particular transaction needs to be done and full in line. One thing that expect much of is how much your dollar will buy and get you there.

Anonymous said...

bert... I forgot to add. One of the things Pinoys who have lived for longer than 10 years abroad find about the Philippines of today --- the people : mura lang.

rey said...

I agree with the above posts. Every time I go back to the country (which is almost every year, the way not to get frustrated is to have a different mindset. If you take politics too seriously, you are bound to get disillusioned.