Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Library

This is our library, the result of years of collecting from bookshops and catalogues. There is a marked bias for books on history and politics. We also have a big poetry section. A decided advantage of small-town living is the amount of time available for reading books at night. Too bad you can't see the speakers artfully concealed from which classical music wafts throughout the evening.

We regularly read the reviews from the New York Times. Popular books with large prints would usually be available at Sam's which would always be cheaper compared to Barnes and Noble. Many bargains can be had through Daedalus and there are special catalogues for out of print tomes.
This is a view of our beloved bar. Check out the wine cooler at the base. The special stain was specifically chosen by my wife. Lately, the drink of choice has been Tanqueray Rangpur with tonic.

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