Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to the Clinic

This is a photo to the entrance of the Specialty Clinics of St. Anne, built in 2000, designed by my classmate Noel Gamboa a New York City-based architect. Previous to this, my wife and I had practiced in a mobile home that was parked close to the Memorial Hospital of Texas County.

The signage has changed through the years. We had the Amarillo Heart Group practice in the facility for a year. Dr. Steen Andersen saw his OB patients for about two years. The surgical group based in Liberal, KS also used to come down twice a week.

We've worked hard to keep the plants and the trees healthy. The Catalpa trees were imported from San Angelo, TX. Look how they've grown. We added a pharmacy at the northeast part in 2005.

There are seven examination rooms in the east side of the clinic and there are four on the west side. There is a complete endoscopic suite as well as a laboratory for chemistry analysis and immunological tests. The X-ray facilities are continuously upgraded and the Clinic offers exercise stress and pulmonary function testing.
At the center of the Clinic is a courtyard with a statue of Our Lady. The view is from the breakroom where premium coffee is available all day. I noticed that the hedge which we had painstakingly sculpted to form a cross was being infested by some type of fungus. I hope we can still save it.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a very orderly and efficient clinic, Doc! I can just imagine your frustration in seeing the state of healthcare in our country...