Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our Fearless Leaders

Today we all witnessed the spectacle of a Senate with a shallow bench. Oh, the quality of the questions! It was all about grandstanding and media mileage. Totally unproductive. 10 million dollar bribes here and there no longer surprise us because it has become ingrained, commonplace even in the highest echelons. The one mitigating factor that assuages us all is the fact that all this wheeling and dealing occurred before the husband of GMA had his brush with death. What did we get from all the bluster? Sample question: “how did GMA’s husband talk to you? Remember, I know this waiter who works in the place where you met”.

All the people involved in this deal are from Central Casting. No new names. Election officials, the son of the Speaker, retired military personnel. What do we all know? That the entire country is corrupt. Everyone’s on the take. Nothing gets done. We are all on the know yet we fall into the same trap these traditional politicians spring every single time: we get disgusted, we despair and we resolve never to get involved. We leave governance to them and we trust them to conduct official business with integrity, decency and honesty.

We must become serious with “pulse politics”. Without exception, leadership positions are fixed for a single term with no multiple family memberships. This is the one, best way to put an end to all this nonsense. We have a country with virtually no healthcare infrastructure, poor educational pathways, crumbling roads and bridges and what is the first order of the day? To seek pardon from an unrepentant former president who built mansions for mistresses using public money. What sort of message are we trying to send? We engage in endless expensive inquiries and we are entertained by long-playing trials only to seek at the end the pardon of a member of the ruling class. We need to get real.

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Tito Cesar said...

Of all the no brainer questions you heard at the senate hearing that one made by your batch mate from Ateneo stands out for its stupidity.